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Prior to 1st May 2024 the price will be £20/m frontage. All trade stands are 7m deep with a minimum frontage of 5m.

From 1st May onwards the price will be £22/m frontage.  All trade stands are 7m deep with a minimum frontage of 5m.

Charities:  @ 10% reduction.  Please note that only 15 charities are accepted initially with preference being given to SW based organisations.

All stands are outside space only – there is no covered shopping mall. We are again  able to supply electricity to a limited number number of stands this year, please indicate on your application form if you require power and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Food traders are not usually accepted on our trade stand sites but are welcome to apply for space in the Devon Food Hall if it is available.

Please note, the Show's catering requirements are fulfilled by local suppliers and producers and we are unable to facilitate fast food vans, doughnut sellers, ice cream vendors, speciality coffee sellers or other persons selling food for immediate consumption.

The Show is not registered for VAT purposes.

Applications open from the 1st February 2024. 


Devon has plenty to offer with regard to food and drinks and Okehampton Show limits the Food Hall to our own county's excellent producers – after all, we are spoilt for choice! Preference is always given to individuals/small organisations whose principal business is food and or drink raised, grown or produced by themselves in Devon. In the interests of everyone, the aim is to have as wide a range of products as possible.

A visit to this marquee will definitely be one of the highlights of your day!

The association reserves the right to refuse and refund an application.

Application open from the 1st Feb 2024 



This is open to exhibitors who make or produce their own crafts for sale.

There is always a wonderful exhibition of crafts for sale including cards, hand painted mirrors, wood craft, jewellery, beads, paintings, photographs, handmade soaps and many other unique gifts. Applications open from 1st Feb 2024



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